When words are just as important as actions

A good translation stands out by not standing out. The essence of any good translation is that the target language version communicates precisely what the original author had in mind when composing the text – neither more nor less.

Chapter 4 Translation employs only native-speaker translators and state-authorised translators to ensure professional and, above all, genuine translations between almost any combination of languages.

Translation, localisation, comprehensive project assignments – Chapter 4 Translation is your company’s professional partner and sounding board in the field of languages. We have experience in almost all areas, from software, automotive technology and environmental issues, to marketing and medical texts. We also handle all formats – including graphic formats – such as InDesign, HTML and XML.

Chapter 4 Translation has years of experience with SAP translations. Our translators are experts in handling SAP’s online translation and terminology management tools. We have the capacity to handle end-to-end project management for SAP customers who commission us to translate their customised SAP system solutions into one or more of the official SAP languages.

Because we employ state-authorised translators, we can also deliver certified translations, officially stamped and signed. Contact us for details. We can send you a non-binding offer with a fixed price and a provisional deadline within 30 minutes.